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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Institute of Physics Research Student Conference Fund

The Institute of Physics provides financial support to research students to attend international meetings and major national meetings. The Institute of Physics (IOP) handles the application process but it is the relevant IOP group that makes the decision on whether to award the bursary and its value.

Am I eligible?Research Student Conference Fund (RSCF) bursaries are available to PhD students who are a member of the Institute and of an appropriate Institute group. For example, if an applicant is a member of the Women in Physics Group only then they could only seek support to attend a conference related to women in physics and not to low temperature physics. To be eligible for that meeting, the applicant would also need to be a member of the Low Temperature Group.

What is the bursary worth?
Students may apply for up to £300 during the course of their PhD. Students may apply more than once, for example they may request the full amount or decide to request a smaller amount and then apply for funding again for another conference at a later stage.
Groups have limited funds to award bursaries and so students may not receive the full amount they have requested. If the full amount is not awarded students may apply again to receive further support for a different conference until they reach £300 overall.
Note that grants will normally cover only part of the expenses incurred in attending a conference and are intended to supplement grants from other sources.

Read more, and apply, here.

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