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Monday, 26 October 2015

Letters to a Pre-scientist

Over on Twitter, I have just heard about a pen-pal scheme in the US called 'Letters to a Pre-Scientist'. The idea is that scientists of all stripes write letters to middle school students (years 7-9) in underprivileged communities to describe life as a scientist, the types of careers available, what gets them excited about science - anything that broadens students' experiences beyond the (sometimes) mundane nature of classroom lessons. Letters are exchanged 4 times a year through the students' teachers, with helpful advice available to scientists and teachers throughout. For the really keen, you can also do an online chat with a class of students!
Since the programme runs for a full school year, this year's assignments are already under way, but if you think this is a project for you - perhaps you want to get involved in outreach, but don't have the time to visit during school hours? - then they always welcome interested scientists to get in touch. Given the varied backgrounds of the students, the organisers are keen to attract scientists from around the world - so much the better if you are from an underrepresented group yourself.
For more details, and to register, visit the site here.

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