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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Do men really use sexism to bond with each other at work?

By Martin Daubney, The Telegraph

In 1995, when I started as a researcher on a women’s magazine called Bella, I entered a hotbed of sexual tension.
The features desk – who called themselves “the Bella Babes” – would routinely swoon over the heartthrob-of-the-day, George Clooney, who had just burst onto our screens (and, often, out of his clothes, it seemed) in hospital drama ER.
Pictures of the lantern-jawed hunk – smouldering and topless – were plastered all over the office: on computer monitors, cork boards and even by the tea and coffee making facilities.
We cannot allow the aftermath of Sir Tim Hunt’s “the trouble with girls” incident to become “the problem is men”. Yes, some sexism still exists in the workplace, and it needs to be stamped out when it’s serious.
But to suggest that men routinely use anti-women banter as some form of crass workplace bonding exercise is not only insulting, it’s deeply sexist – and this time it’s men who are being taken for a ride.

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