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Monday, 14 September 2015

Postdoc awards from the Geol Soc's Geochemistry Group

As announced at Goldschmidt, the Geochemistry Group would like to present two new prizes, targeted at post-doctoral researchers:

1) The Early Career Prominent Lecture Programme (sponsored by Agilent) 
The Geochemistry Group welcomes applications from all Early Career Researchers (ECR’s) registered at universities or research institutions within Great Britain or Ireland for the ECR Prominent Lecture Program, sponsored by Agilent Technologies. The award is open to any researchers who hold a PhD and are currently based at an eligible institution without a permanent contract.

2) The Geochemistry Group Postdoctoral Researcher medal.
The Geochemistry Group welcomes applications for the Geochemistry Group Medal for an outstanding peer-reviewed scientific geochemical paper, published by a UK and Ireland-based post-doctoral researcher. The medal is open to researchers who hold a PhD, are on a temporary research contract that is not an independent research fellowship, and are currently based at an eligible institution.

Submission deadlines for both are 15 Jan. 2016.

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