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Saturday, 30 May 2015

In the news - Only men at your event? This blog will shame you

BBC Trending reported this week on a blog called 'Congrats! You have an all-male panel', which posts photos of all-male conference or discussion panels stamped with a photo of David Hasselhoff giving a thumbs up. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it has gone viral on Tumblr, Twitter and the like, being shared tens of thousands of times and collecting contributions from around the world. As its author comments in the article, sometimes simply raising awareness of the scale of a problem leads to more long-lasting solutions than direct pressure itself.

How often have you looked around at a meeting or in the office, lecture hall or event space and seen a room full of just men?
Now one website is pointing out this phenomenon by publishing photos of all-male panels, or "manels". The site is a Tumblr blog, sarcastically called, Congrats! You Have an All-Male Panel.
It started in February and features 200 photos, submitted from people from about 10 countries. The simple but now-viral idea is a project of the Finnish feminist researcher and artist Saara Sarma, who specializes in internet parody images and memes.
Whether it's a Global Summit of Women with only men on the panel or back-to-back male panels in conferences, the images on the site bring home the message that gender equality among rostrums of leaders or experts is in short supply. 

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