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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Over on Twitter - how not to review a paper (especially one on gender bias)

Twitter feeds are emotive things - they can make you laugh, cry, and sometimes bang your head on the wall in exasperation. One of these last situations is currently racing around the gender balance community, as Fiona Ingleby, a researcher at the University of Sussex, has released snippets from comments one reviewer gave to her paper on gender differences at the PhD-postdoc transition point. Now, we've all had papers rejected, but this reviewer concluded:

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 Said (anonymous) reviewer continued:

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And three weeks on, the journal (so far unnamed) and editor have yet to respond to Fiona's challenge.
For the full story - and the storm of supportive and astonished responses, head over to Fiona's Twitter feed. And keep everything crossed that this journal sees the light of day...

Update 22:56: Science Magazine has picked up on the buzz, and the journal is revealed to be in the PLOS family, who 'regret the tone, spirit and content of this particular review'.

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