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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Have your say - How much personal cash do you spend on your science?

A new survey is asking all scientists over 18 - students, post-docs, professors - to spill the beans on how much they pay out of pocket to support their careers. Are you able to afford all your conferences and field gear on your/your supervisor's grants? Does it take so long for your university to reimburse you that the credit card interest fees are nearly as much as the conference bill itself? Have you skipped a conference/field trip/course because you just couldn't afford it? Now is the time to do something about it - and you may be shocked at just how much you've spent.

Although academic research is predominantly funded by grants, scientists—like teachers and people in many other professions—sometimes dip into their own wallets to cover job-related expenses, such as conference travel or open-access publishing fees. Just how much personal finance pours into professional science isn’t clear, but two scientists are now trying to tally some numbers.

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