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Athena Swan promotes and supports the careers of women in Science, Engineering and Technology (STEM), and aims to address gender inequalities and imbalance in these disciplines and, in particular, the under-representation of women in senior roles.

Friday, 23 January 2015

In the news - 'Science doesn't have a gender'

There is a tendency, when interviewing female scientists, to emphasise the 'female' rather than the 'scientist' - as if women doing science were such a strange idea, that you have to emphasise the strangeness (and that one woman somehow speaks for all womankind, because we're all the same!). So it is good to see two women emphasising the science this week. The first is by Dr Céline Delloye-Bourgeois, a 2014 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship holder, who talks about her research and her career advice at The second is by Athene Donald, who ponders 'Am I a Lady?' in her weekly blog post - to which the resounding answer is the same as Dr Delloye-Bourgeois: Science doesn't have a gender.

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