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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Invitation - SET for BRITAIN

From Andrew Miller MP
Chairman, Parliamentary and Scientific Committee

SET for BRITAIN 2015

Dear Scientist, Engineer or Mathematician

I am writing on behalf of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee to alert you to a major scientific competition and exhibition in Parliament and encourage you to take part. SET for BRITAIN will be held in the House of Commons on Monday 9 March 2015 between noon and 9 pm as a prelude to National Science and Engineering Week 2015.

The day will be divided into three sessions. Applications are invited from early-career research scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians who wish to exhibit posters in one of the following five areas:
                                    Biological and Biomedical Science
                                    Mathematical Sciences

A wide range of important scientific, engineering and mathematics institutions are lending their support to this event, including the Society of Biology, The Physiological Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Council for the Mathematical Sciences, the Clay Mathematics Institute, and the Institute of Physics. This reflects the importance we all attach to the encouragement of researchers at this stage in their careers.

Prizes will be awarded for the posters presented in each discipline which best communicate high level science, engineering or mathematics to a lay audience. The Westminster Medal for the overall winner will be awarded in memory of the late Dr Eric Wharton, who did so much to establish SET for BRITAIN as a regular event in the Parliamentary calendar. Full details of the competition and exhibition including the application form can be found on the SET for BRITAIN website at: I very much hope that you will apply to take part yourself or will encourage your early-career colleagues to do so.

With Best Wishes
Andrew Miller MP

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