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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

In the news

Tales of a Woman geologist - Geoscientist online special, April 2014
By: Sue Treagus

Current revelations in Britain that sexual harassment permeated the workings of many organisations in the past, will come as little surprise to women 'of a certain age', says Sue Treagus.
Those of us who attended university in the 1960s, and especially those who studied science or medicine, are unlikely to have escaped some awkward moments, or even feeling occasionally threatened or in danger. The dilemma was what to do about it, if anything. It might seem shocking to our sons and daughters, that there was little that could be done without marking oneself as a tell-tale or trouble-maker, putting one's studies or career in danger. Many will not understand why women are coming forward now, and saying they were abused, harassed, forced to accept sexual advances, or much worse, decades ago. Are painful recollections made in the hope of retribution, or valid just as important historical records? I recall a history professor telling me that the trouble with retelling history in TV dramas, is that the lay audience will judge the events from their current lives, and by today's standards. For the younger generation to understand what happened to women 40-50 years ago, we need to go back to what it was like at that time.

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