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Athena Swan promotes and supports the careers of women in Science, Engineering and Technology (STEM), and aims to address gender inequalities and imbalance in these disciplines and, in particular, the under-representation of women in senior roles.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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When women have it all - Science, 27 August 2014
By: Jyoti Mishra

I grew up in urban India in a middle class family, the daughter of two hard-working professional parents, both physicians. They never objected when I did mostly what boys did then, like be the only girl in astronomy camp. My closest friends were boys; we formed study groups and competed for the best grades. In college I pursued biology and my class was suddenly predominantly female. It didn’t last: When I pursued graduate school in the United States, studying a hybrid of computational sciences and neurosciences, I was the only woman in my international class.

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